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Die neue Geburtsstation der Clinic Dewanbegi


2016 CD Delivery roomIn den letzten Wochen wurde intensiv die neue Geburtsstation der Klinik umgebaut. Jetzt sind drei Räume im Untergeschoss da und können hier Frauen ihre Kinder zur Welt. Die Müttersterblichkeit in Afghanistan ist einer der höchsten in der Welt (etwa 500 von 100.000 schwangeren Frauen sterben beim Geburt). 

Lesen Sie ein Artikel von UNICEF zu diesem Thematik: 

Afghanistan: Geburtshilfe rettet Babys und Mütter

Education and Healthcare at Risk for children in Afghanistan

18.4.2016. Jointly produced by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and UNICEF, the report documents how conflict-related violence, threats and intimidation by all parties to the conflict harmed health and education personnel, reduced the availability of healthcare, and limited children’s access to essential health and education services. The report covers the three-year period, 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015.

“The report’s findings are deeply troubling. It is simply unacceptable for teachers, doctors and nurses to be subjected to violence or threats, and for schools and medical facilities to be misused or attacked,” said Nicholas Haysom, the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan, “All parties must take measures to protect education and health services in Afghanistan.”
Download the full report here:

Visit of Dr. Khpalwak Ningrahari in Dewanbegi Clinic

Dr Khplwak Ningrhari aus Schweden zu Besuch in der Klinik, Feb 2016First of all, Dr. Khpalwak Ningrahari (Specialist in General Medicine, Stockholm/Sweden, -> introduced with the doctors and staff of Dewanbegi Clinic. After that, Dr. Khpalwak guided and consulted the doctors about some issues. In addition, He asked them some questions. Some of the advices and questions were as the following:

1.      How much time should be given to each patient’s treatment?

2.      How to treat an emergency patient?

3.      A file should be created for patients whose illness is continuous, e.g. blood pressure and diabetes, in order to register their records.

4.      The team should honestly, faithfully and carefully carry out the affairs.


Dewanbegi Clinic Inauguration Report

January 25, 2016 Kabul, Afghanistan

The inauguration program started with reciting the Holy Quran by Qari Fazel Rahim. Then, Eng. Ahmad Omid, on behalf of Dr. Yahya Wardak, talked. He congratulated the people of Dewanbegi area on inaugurating the clinic and pointed out to services and tireless efforts of Dr. Yahya Wardak and Afghanic Organization. Also, he called cooperation with Afghanistan Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) a positive point. In addition, Ahmad Omid encouraged common people of the region to support the clinic and protect it from deactivation or destroying.


Government-run hospitals will now charge fee for specialized healthcare services

To improve the delivery of quality healthcare services, Wolesi Jirga, the lower house of Afghan parliament, on Saturday brought new amendment in the national health law. The new amendment will now allow government-run hospital and health clinics to charge fee for specialized healthcare services.


Establishing a Day Clinic in Kabul


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