Dr. Matin Safi’s Visit to Dewanbegi Clinic

Dr. Matin Safi is an experienced general practitioner, currently based in Frankfurt. He studied medicine in St. Petersburg and practiced in Kabul for several years before he settled to Germany in 1994.

After having seen the clinic and met the doctors, Mr. Dr. Matin Safi initially wanted to know from the doctors about the clinics problems and of their own issues.

The manager of the clinic, Dr. M. Nazar Taraki, stated the problems as following:

  1. lack of machinery, especially in the laboratory
  2. lack of doctors´ room
  3. absence of kitchen
  4. insufficient space (suggestion for building an additional floor)
  5. low economic status of the costumers an their being unable to pay the fee, cost of medicine, etc.

After hearing about the problems, Dr. Matin Safi shared his suggestions and experiences with the doctors of the clinic. He emphasized on the importance of promptitude of the whole staff, working according the schedule, managing the clinic effectively, dealing with the patients in a good manner and attracting customers.

In order to provide a better service to the people, he also advised the doctors to employ more experienced personnel and train the inexperienced for a more effective organization in the clinic (e.g. doctor´s receptionist). Everyone should know about his scope.

He also suggested, that the staff should talk with the local people and advertise for the clinic to increase an awareness about the offer of the well-equipped health-care-center.

In order the clinic to be financially strengthened, Dr. Matin Safi also suggested to attract funds, to exempt the patients at least from paying the fee. He argued that this would be highly affected in attracting the attention of more customers.

Additionally he complimented on good documentation work in the clinic, which is not generally common and stressed the importance of high standards in hygiene. Both should be improved in future.

For himself he evaluates to experience the clinic and it´s situation at the face as a valuable way of help. 

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